Welcome to ICV

ICV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AVK Valves, a company that has been designing, manufacturing and supplying the world's water, sewage and gas markets for over 50 years. AVK is a synonym for quality, and ICV continues that tradition in Asia.

ICV is specialised in the supply of valve and other products, characterised by superior quality and outstanding durability for HVAC and building services markets. All ICV products are tested in modern production facilities before being offered to customers.

rom Durban to Dubai, Sheffield to Shanghai and Alaska to Adelaide, AVK has been providing users with quality, reliability, peace of mind and efficiency in every type of project including pumping stations, treatment plants, distribution networks and building construction. Now, ICV has brought the same quality and reliability to the Asian Construction Industry, focusing on Building Services and HVAC.

At ICV we define 'the customer' as anyone who benefits from the specification, purchase or use of our products. Developers, consultants, designers, contractors, owners and tenants – they are all within our consideration. For ICV, it is really, "all about you!"