Ball check valve with flanges for wastewater treatment and neutral liquids to max. 70 C AVK ball check valves are self-cleaning and with full bore. The ball rotates during operation eliminating the risk of impurities getting stuck on the ball. The full and smooth bore ensures full flow with low pressure loss and eliminates the risk of deposits at the bottom. AVK ball check valves are available with flanges and internal threads. They are delivered with NBR lined ball as standard and optionally with ball of polyurethane available in different weights.

Variant 53/35
Threaded connection (BS21)
Ductile iron
Fusion bonded epoxy coating
AVK GUMMI NBR rubber coated ductile iron disc
DN50 - DN400
PN10 PN16
Similar 53/30


Ductile iron and fusion bonded epoxy coating guarantees resistance against corrosion and very long lifecycle
Self-cleaning construction, where the ball rotates during operation eliminating the risk of impurities getting stuck on the ball.
Full bore ensures low pressure loss and minimum back pressure.
Smooth bore eliminates the risk of deposits at the bottom.
NBR lined ball of aluminium in DN 50-100 and 500 and of cast iron in DN 125-400. The rubber hardness is optimised to prevent the ball from getting stuck in the seat. In DN 600 the ball is of aluminium with PUR liner.
The ball is optionally available in polyurethane suitable for abrasive media and if different ball weights are necessary to prevent vibration and water hammer.
Compact design and low weight.
Bolts and nuts of stainless steel and body and cover of ductile iron with epoxy coating internally and externally.


Reference nos. and dimensions:

Related Series Series/Type PN class No. Description DN
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53050351036 DN580 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN50
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53065351036 DN065 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN65
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53080351036 DN080 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN80
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53100351036 DN100 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN100
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53125351036 DN125 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN125
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53150351036 DN150 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN150
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53200351036 DN200 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN200
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53250351036 DN250 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN250
53 53/35 PN10 / PN16 53300351036 DN300 PN16 BALL NBR EP/GREY DN300


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