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ICV in the AVK Group

The AVK Group, a family business founded in 1941 and headquartered in Denmark, is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and fittings within the water, gas, waste water, industrial, HVAC and fire protection industries worldwide and has 85+ sales companies and 70+ factories globally within our core business. AVK Group owns it’s own foundries and develops, machines, coats and produces in it’s own valve factories. AVK Gummi produces high quality rubber and sealing used in AVK valves and in 3rd party machinery- and medical equipment in other industries.

ICV – IC Valves (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is the building service and HVAC brand of the AVK Group in Denmark and is a fully owned subsidiary. ICV offers general valves, motorized valves, and balancing valves, and hydraulic balancing valves for use in buildings and HVAC system....for dedicated solutions in commercial buildings, for district cooling and heating, and for datacentres and other solve all standard valve requirements for HVAC, plumbing and hydraulic balancing, manual fire & safety valves.


AVK Head Office in Denmark


Sales offices globally


Valve and related factories globally


How many countries are AVK located in


over 3800 employees globally

Total solutions in Buildings

Balancing, general, hydraulic balancing, and motorized control valves.
For HVAC, plumbing , fire-safety in buildings, datacenters, and district cooling systems


Qualified commissioning of balancing systems

The flow rate and Δp matrix of ICV’s balancing valves are in the database of the commissioning instrument ensuring correct and easy commissioning – resulting in increased comfort, energy savings and extended service life

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