Cases China


CR Land frame agreement: Beijing,Shanghai, Shenyang, Xian, Shenzhen, Nantong, Suzhou etc. Above 4,300 ICV balancing valves

Chengdu IFS (International Financial Square): The Wharf (Holdings) Ltd. 50,0000m². 15,000 ICV general, balancing, and motorized control valves

The Westin Chongqing Hotel: Forebase Group. 190,000m². 1,000 ICV dynamic and manual balancing valves, general valves

Sichuan Airport (Chengdu):1,200 ICV motorized control valves.

Wuhanmall (Phases I&II): Wuhan Wushang Group. 340,000m². 2,000 ICV balancing valves

WuhanXintiandi (phases I&II): Shui OnLand:  57,000m². 2,000 ICV manual balancing valves and general valves

WuhanHualou Street: CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. 120,000m². 200 ICV balancing valves

Kempinski Hotel XiAn: Kempinski. 65,000m. 7,500 ICV general valves

Shenzhen Zhongzhou Xunmei Center: Zhongzhou Group 960,000m². 3,000 ICVbalancing, general, and motorized control valves

Xiamen Strait Exchange Center: Xiamen Special Economic Zone Real Estate Development Group. 1,000 ICV general valves (250,000m²)

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport expansion: 1,500 ICV general valves.

Huawei projects: Vast number of above 15,000+ large ICV general valves, balancing valves and motorized valves for own projects in China (offices, residential, research centers, data centers etc.)

WF Central Beijing: Hongkong Land. 50,000m². 4,600 balancing and general valves

China Development Bank data center (Beijing): 3,000 ICV balancing valves

Tianjin Joycity: Tianjin Jinmao Realestate Development Co., ltd. 580,000m². 1,000 ICV balancing valves

Shenyang Central Square: Shui On Land. China Central Properties. 23,000m².600 ICV balancing valves

KerryParkside: Kerry Group. 330,000m². 8,000 ICV general valves

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport T1: Shanghai Airport Group Co., Ltd. 120,000m². 1,800 ICV manual and dynamic balancing valves

Century Link: Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. 360,000m². 2,600 ICV general valves

Shanghai IFC Bund Financial Center: Fosun Property Group. 550,000m². 22,000 ICV general valves

Poly West Shore (Shanghai): Poly Real Estate Group. 220,000m². 10,000 ICV general and balancing valves

Suzhou International Financial Square IFS: The Wharf Group. 160,000m²2,300 ICVgeneral valves

Suzhou GCL: JiangsuJiarun Real Estate. 50,000m². 1,000 ICVgeneral valves

IKEA Suzhou: IKEA Centres. 50,000m². 200 ICV balancing valves

Hangzhou Shining City 1157 Lixing: Hangzhou Ziyan Investment Co. 60,000m². 200 ICV motorized control and balancing valves

Qiantang Residence: Hangzhou UDC Group. 30,000m². 200 ICV control and balancing valves