Concentric butterfly valve with loose liner for drinking water and neutral liquids. AVKs Series 76 range of concentric butterfly valves are available in wafer and lug design with lever and gearbox. They provide best in class to our customers for concentric loose liner butterfly valves and are produced at excellent quality using AVK GUMMI rubber liner and fusion bonded epoxy coating on ductile iron. The design is with anti-blowout shaft, hexagon connection, low friction bearings and an EPDM liner with reinforced seating area and profiled flange gaskets.

General valves
Wafer type
Fusion bonded epoxy coating
Fusion bonded epoxy coated DI disc AVK EPDM liner
DN50 - DN400
Lever DN50 - DN200 Gearbox DN200
Similar: 76/70, 925/02
ductile iron


The flange gasket is thick and profiled to ensure correct fit in valve body, and the high quality EPDM ensures continuous elasticity and no brittleness even towards end of lifetime (alternative NBR, or high temperature EPL)

Rubber is approved for drinking water (minimum biofilm and minimum contamination ensured)

Integrated profiled gasket from AVK GUMMI

High quality fusion bonded epoxy coating on ductile iron for higher strength (alternative SS AISI 316 disc)

Ergonomic handle DN50-200 and wormgearbox for larger sizes

Long neck design for insulation AISI 420 stainless steel shaft

Double PPOM bearing and an EPDM 0-ring as backup sealing safely ensures no leakage from the neck

Reinforced seating area at shaft to ensure less deformation on installation, Shaft holes dimensioned to create compression around the shaft

Pin-less and two stub shaft design ensures a higher flow compared to a though-pin

PTFE coated bearings at the top and bottom of the disc for low friction also during the end of lifetime C especially important for motorized butterfly valves


Electric actuator SS AISI 316 disc High temp EPDM liner (EPL) Lug type and wafer types

Reference nos. and dimensions:

Related Series Series/Type PN class No. Description DN
76 76/72 PN16 76005072817502690505 DN050 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN50
76 76/72 PN16 76006572817502690505 DN065 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN65
76 76/72 PN16 76008072817502690505 DN080 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN80
76 76/72 PN16 76010072817502690505 DN0100 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN100
76 76/72 PN16 76012572817502690505 DN125 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN125
76 76/72 PN16 76015072817502690505 DN0150 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN150
76 76/72 PN16 76020072817502690505 DN0200 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV LEVER DN200
76 76/72 PN16 76025072817502690503 DN0250 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV GEAR DN250
76 76/72 PN16 76030072817502690503 DN0300 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV GEAR DN300
76 76/72 PN16 76035072817902690513 DN0350 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV GEAR DN350
76 76/72 PN16 76040072817902690504 DN0400 PN16 ESW DI GREY ICV GEAR DN400


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