Centric with loose liner

Our range of loose liner butterfly valves comprises wafer, lug, double flanged butterfly valves in DN50-1600 with a wide selection of disc and liner materials. Actuations available are lever, gearbox with hand wheel, electrical or pneumatic actuators.

The replaceable liner has a very robust construction. Its convex form and integrated lip sealings in the shaft passage ensure a tight connection with the shaft. Moreover, the special shape ensures a unique grip to the body preventing any relative liner displacement during operation. The integrated gasket faces enable easy installation between flanges.

Feature summary

  • Stainless steel shaft with anti-blowout design and position indication

  • Disc of acid-resistant stainless steel with streamlined shape for optimum flow characteristics and polished edges for minimum wear of the liner

  • Replaceable EPDM liner with a unique design

  • Ductile iron body with extended neck for insulation and 200my fusion bonded epoxy coating

  • Long neck for temperature insulation. Mounted with dew barrier disc between valve and actuator for better anti-condensation protection

  • Reinforced seating area at shaft. Shaft holes dimensioned to create compression around the shaft

  • Integrated, profiled flange gasket

  • Pin less and two stub shaft design

  • PPOM bearings and an EPDM O-ring as backup sealing for no leakage

  • PTFE coated bearings at the top and bottom of the disc for low friction

  • The rubber ensures minimum biofilm formation which prevents contamination of the drinking water

  • The rubber is approved for drinking water applications

Standard range: seris 76 amd series 925

  • Wafer DN25-1000, lug DN25-600, U-section DN150-1600

  • EPDM rubber liner for drinking water (max. 70C) and wastewater/HVAC (max. 130C)

  • Lever, gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuator

Variants for frequent operation

  • Wafer DN50-400, lug DN50-400

  • EPDM rubber liner for wastewater aeration/HVAC (max. 130C), self-lubricating PTFE coated steel bearings and 200 m polyurethane coating


The centric butterfly valve with loose liner can be used for a wide range of applications within water and wastewater treatment as well as for industrial water applications.

Water: water treatment, water distribution, pumping installation, water transmission and HVAC

Wastewater treatment: aeration systems, clean sewage water, filter installations, pumping installations and membrane installations

Industrial water: cooling water and process water