Motorized ball valves

920/2 Motorized control ball valves offer adjustable flow control for all cooling and heating plants ensuring comfort and energy saving for on-demand heating and cooling

Motorized control valves are at the heart of all climate control in buildings.
Motorized control valves are installed on the return pipe of all heating and cooling coils and the stroke of the actuator is controlled by either thermostats or electronic building controllers.
Correct on-demand flow of energy to coils ensures a comfortable indoor climate by avoiding underflow or incorrect flow-rates, and minimizes energy cost as overflow through coil is avoided.
ICV 920/2 series are control ball valves with adequate control characteristics thanks to the V-shaped flow control component for larger sizes.
A motorized control valve constantly changes the flow of energy through its coil throughout the day and will thereby also influence the flow of energy to other coils. ICV recommends the use of dynamic balancing valves (i.e. 908/3 or 951) to
ensure that the flow through valves and coils elsewhere in the system are not negatively influenced by this (see ICV balancing offering)
A very wide range from one supplier makes design and selection easy
ICV actuators offer all standard control signals and works perfectly with any building controller from any producer
Designed according to international standards making simple replacement during refurbishments possible
Wide offering of actuators makes the most economical choice available
Self calibration and status lights makes installation and commissioning safe
Adequate flow control gives users better comfort and eliminates over or under supply C it also saves you money
Control ball valves offer adequate control characteristics for affordable price
Easy mounting saves time during installation.