Fan-coil control valves

ICV's offering for fancoils series 920 standard on off control valve or the dynamic balancing motorized control valve series Flowmaster™ FC 955

ICV Flowmaster™ FC 955 is a premium offering for on/off control as well as dynamic flow balancing.
The ICV Flowmaster™ FC is designed for the balancing of cooling and heating units. With its simple on/off control the valve can be used for many different applications, and at the same time advantage is derived from the dynamic control principles.
By means of ICV Flowmaster™ FC the optimum flow rate is ensured in each control area. This flow rate is maintained in spite of pressure fluctuations in the system. A control area may be two fan coils for a hotel room or a calorifier for a sports centre. Energy savings due
to automatic flow control, lower flow and pump pressure.Maximized T due to faster response and increased system stability is also achieved.

Most commercial buildings apply fan coils for cooling purposes in rooms. ICV 920/1 is a simple on/off valve and actuator combination with two wires. The set is available in 2-way and 3-way for fancoils and other low temperature applications. 920/1 offers flow rates up to 3m³/h
and close-off pressure up to 180 kPa which is suitable for most room cooling and heating using fan coils. For higher requirements we recommend ICV premium offering the 955 Flowmaster™ FC which includes dynamic balancing with close-off pressure of 380 kPa and flowrates up to 2.45m³/h.